Now anybody can get medical cover starting low from only R99pm for hospital plans

We cant all afford full medical aid and for many people it is not necessary. Medical insurance provides an excellent alternative that provides adequate cover at lower cost

Here's a breakdown of the options we have available

  • From only R99 per month, hospital insurance can fit almost any budget and protect you from unexpected hospitalisation
  • Or for full medical aid for over R1kpm, try our recommended top medical aid if you are certain you need full comprehensive cover, believe you are at risk or just want that piece of mind
  • Or for a great compromise between hospital insurance and medical aid, try affordable medical insurance that provides medical cover including hospital & day to day med costs, unlimited GP visits and more from only R592pm
  • Hospital insurance can also include accidental death, accidental disability & dread disease cover which medical aid does not offer (consider combining with cheaper medical aid!)
  • Medical insurance includes doctor visits, pathology, dentistry, optometry, radiology, maternity, specialists, acute & chronic medication & more over & above its standard hospital cover
  • Medical/Hospital insurance pays out directly to you so you can use the money for whatever you need, your medical bills or expenses related to loss of income for example

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medical aid

Compare medical aid with medical insurance and hospital insurance below to determine the ideal solution for your unique needs and budget limitations

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medical insurance

"Now every South African can get medical cover of some kind no matter their budget..."

cheap medical coverMost of us are familiar with medical aid and the necessity of protecting ourselves from potential financial disaster with some kind of medical cover however many South Africans are still not covered with any type of medical cover due to how costly medical aid can be.

The most affordable policies usually start at R1200pm for the most basic cover or "hospital plan" with full comprehensive cover often costing over R2000 up to R3000 per month depending.

Medical aid is ideal for the family that might be at risk, wants that piece of mind knowing they have covered as much risk as possible and are also able to afford it, but this is usually not possible for the majority of South Africans due to the cost.

We have therefore created a basic comparison between medical aid, hospital insurance and medical insurance to help you find a solution that works for your budget.

If you have serious budget restraints, hospital insurance is an excellent alternative for the healthy individual or family that can mitigate the financial risk of any kind of unexpected event that requires hospitalisation. It also includes insurance cover such as accidental death and dread disease etc

Hospital insurance is also an ideal option to combine along with a more affordable medical aid policy that may not be fully comprehensive. Most of the lower medical aid policy tiers do not cover all situations or the full % of the cost and hospital insurance in combination can protect you from the financial impact of those gaps in cover.

Lastly medical insurance is an excellent compromise between medical aid and basic hospital insurance and provides cover for day to day issues as well as hospital cover while still remaining far more affordable than even the most basic cheap medical aid policies

With these 3 options available, every South African can now afford medical cover of some kind, no matter their budget.

Check out or quick comparison and based on your budget select the cover you would like to get a quote and more info for on our form above and a consultant from our recommended service providers will contact you right away.

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