Save money comparing 11 medical aids and hospital cover starting from as low as R99pm

We make sure any South African can now afford to get medical cover. By comparing multiple medical aid schemes as well as hospital insurance, you ensure you find the solution thats perfect for you in cost versus benefits

  • Detailed quote that directly compares 11 medical aids with different costs and benefits
  • Options that anybody can afford from R99pm up to full comprehensive medical aid
  • Affordable hospital insurance option provides R200k cover per year as well as R200k dread disease, disability and accidental death cover.
  • Get thousands per day in hospital from as little as R99pm with hospital insurance
  • We make sure you get the best cover no matter your budget or unique needs

Medical aids compared:

medical aids

Expert Tip: Combine affordable medical aid with hospital insurance (to cover any gaps) to get great overall cover

Hospital Insurance Benefits

From only R99pm get up to R200k cover per year paid directly to you to use in any way you prefer. This is a health insurance plan and can provide emergency cover or cover any gaps in an existing medical aid.

Ideal for covering other costs unrelated to medical expenses, such as loss of income or other related expenses as a result of your hospital stay. Additionally hospital insurance includes the following benefits that are not offered by medical aids.

  • Trusted SA provider of financial services for over 20 years
  • Up to R20,000 lump sum per stay
  • Daily cash amount of up to R2,000 per day for hospital stays longer than 10 days
  • Up to R200,000 cover for Accidental Death, Accidental Disability and Dread Disease cover


Patricia Khumalo

“Hospital Cover supplemented my income and helped pay my day to day medical expenses throughout my hospitalization.It put my mind at ease knowing my family and I were financially protected during these hard times.”

hospital insurance
hospital cover

Samuel Chabane

“The process was quick and easy and I was very impressed with the advice and saving I received. I'm now getting cash back monthly”

What are your medical aid and hospital plan options? Find the combination right for you!

Traditional Medical Aid Plans (R1200pm)

These Cover most of your medical expenses and include benefits for hospital, daily expenses and chronic medications. This type of plan is recommended for those who want comprehensive cover, but do not want a savings benefit included in the cover.

Comprehensive Medical Aid Schemes (R2000pm)

Unlike the above plan, this option does have a savings component and also covers almost every other medical expense as well. Recommended for individuals or a family who wants comprehensive cover for every possible risk.

Hospital insurance (R99pm) costs considerably less than comprehensive medical aid plans. A basic hospital insurance plan is recommended for healthy active families. If you take responsibility for your own health and know that prevention is better than cure, it will work for you.

Medical insurance (R500pm) is similar to hospital insurance, however it covers more including some day 2 day medical and costs a little more each month. A good compromise between medical aid and hospital insurance

medical aid
medical aid quotes
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