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By comparing multiple quotes of not only medical aid but also hospital plan insurance you ensure you find the medical cover solution thats perfect for you in cost and benefits!

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • 4 medical aid quotes and up to 4 hospital insurance quotes
  • Save up to 30% by choosing in-and-out- of-hospital providers
  • Receive wellness, travel & leisure discounts for staying healthy
  • Includes Maternity, Dread Disease, Accidental Death benefits
  • No medical examinations or face to face meeting required
  • Get thousands per day in hospital from as little as R125 PM

Over 300 000 clients have used our service to find their ideal medical cover combination at the best possible price! Save up to 50%!

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Recommended Gap Cover and Hospital Insurance Product Information Included At The Bottom of The Page

Consider Combining Medical Aid With Hospital Plan Insurance & Gap Cover as medical aids do not usually cover the full cost of medical procedures or hospital expenses (unless it covers 300% or more) which puts you at risk of large unexpected expenses! Information on these products included at the bottom of the page.

Get affordable comprehensive coverage no matter your specific requirements and budget limitations. We can help anybody!

Select an affordable monthly premium that suits your individual needs while still maintaining the level of medical aid or hospital plan cover required by you and your family.

We will assist you in understanding what each medical aid scheme and hospital insurance plan has to offer and to identify which medical aid offers the best cover for chronic conditions and your specific needs.

You make the final choice and we will assist you with the full process of application all the way up to the activation of the health insurance plans, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Patricia Khumalo

“Hospital Cover supplemented my income and helped pay my day to day medical expenses throughout my hospitalization.It put my mind at ease knowing my family and I were financially protected during these hard times.”

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Samuel Chabane

“The process was quick and easy and I was very impressed with the advice and saving I received. I'm now getting cash back monthly”

What are your medical aid and hospital plan options? Find the combination right for you!

Traditional Medical Aid Plans

These Cover most of your medical expenses and include benefits for hospital, daily expenses and chronic medications. This type of plan is recommended for those who want comprehensive cover, but do not want a savings benefit included in the cover.

Comprehensive Medical Aid Schemes

Unlike the above plan, this option does have a savings component and also covers almost every other medical expense as well. Recommended for individuals or a family who wants comprehensive cover for every possible risk.

Hospital plans cost considerably less than comprehensive medical aid plans. A basic hospital plan is recommended for healthy active families. If you take responsibility for your own health and know that prevention is better than cure, it will work for you.

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We recommend adding the below two low cost items to your over health insurance portfolio for maximum health coverage and risk reduction

Medical Gap Cover Insurance

Gap cover is an insurance product and only available to medical aid scheme members.

It protects medical aid members by covering their medical aid payment shortfall during hospitalisation (sometimes up to 75 %).

Pays the difference between the medical aid scheme’s payment and the actual private rate charged, up to four times the medical aid rate.

Will cover the medical professional accounts for you and your family, for up to four times NHRPL in the event of:

  • In-hospital medical and surgical treatment resulting from an accident or ill-health.
  • Out-patient treatment by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or renal dialysis.
  • Cover is provided for each calendar year up to R100 000 per event, and up to a maximum of R500 000 per family.

Hospital Insurance

Covers you for in-hospital treatment only with a payment of up to R5000 per day in hospital, paid directly to you to use in any way or for any expense you prefer. This is a health insurance plan and complements a medical aid.

Can be used to cover other costs unrelated to medical expenses, such as loss of income or other unrelated expenses as a result of your hospital stay.

Additionally hospital insurance includes the following benefits that are not offered by medical aids.

  1. Accidental death benefit from R200,000 to R500,000
  2. Accidental disability benefit from R200,000 to R500,000
  3. Dread disease benefit up to R250,000 on higher options
  4. Cash back benefit – 6 - 12 premiums after every 60 premiums paid
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