Save money comparing 11 medical aids & affordable health insurance*

We try to make sure any South African can afford to get covered. By comparing multiple medical aid quotes as well as health insurance*, you can find the solution that's perfect for you in cost and benefits

  • Detailed quote directly compares 11 medical aids with different costs and benefits.
  • Our medical aid comparison quotes and un-biased expert recommendations ensure you get the best benefits for your needs at the most affordable monthly rate
  • Affordable health insurance* option provides R200k cover per year including R200k dread disease, accidental disability & accidental death cover.
  • Health insurance* is an affordable option and requires no paperwork, physical examinations and you are guaranteed acceptance
  • Get paid out directly with health insurance* which can cover non-medical expenses such as loss of income or other situations
  • We make sure you get the best cover no matter your budget or unique needs

Medical aids compared:

medical aids

Expert Tip: For great overall cover at an affordable total cost, consider combining affordable medical aid with health insurance* to cover non medical expenses and gaps in your scheme

Full Medical Aid - From R1200pm

Recommended for those who want the most comprehensive type of medical cover available in South Africa. This can cost from R1200pm at the low range to over R2000pm or more.

Medical aids must cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits and are regulated under the medical schemes act. This means all schemes must cover certain minimum benefits.

It does not offer types of personal cover such as disability or dread disease, like health insurance* does, and you are never paid out directly or have the ability to use the funds for other purposes.

Consider combining an affordable medical aid policy with health insurance* to cover any payout gaps in your medical aid and ensure great overall cover for an affordable overall cost

Health Insurance - From R250pm

Health insurance* is an affordable insurance policy that providers R200 000 per year cover which includes non medical expenses. It provides up to R20 000 lump sum for stays longer than 72 hours and a daily cash amount of up to R2000 per day for stays longer than 10 days. This covers up to 4 children at no extra cost.

Also included is R200k cover for dread disease, accidental disability and accidental death as well as a maternity benefit.

*Please note: It is insurance cover that pays out to you directly and can be used to cover non-medical expenses as a result of hospitalisation.

**This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

Health Insurance Benefits

Get up to R200,000 cover per year paid directly to you to use in any way you prefer. This is an insurance plan and can provide emergency cover or cover any gaps in an existing medical aid.

This can also cover non-medical expenses as a result of your hospitalisation, such as loss of income or other related expenses. Additionally it provides cover for items not seen on medical aids** such as R200,000 disability, dread disease, accidental death and also maternity.

  • Get a quote from a trusted provider of financial services for over 20 years
  • Up to R20,000 annual for stays longer than 72 hours
  • Daily cash amount of up to R2,000 per day for hospital* stays longer than 10 days
  • Up to R200,000 cover for Accidental Death, Accidental Disability and Dread Disease and includes a maternity benefit
  • Premium plan from R315pm provides up to R1 million rand annual cover and up to daily cash amount of up to R3,000 paid for stays more than 72 hours.
  • All policies also include trauma counselling, emergency flight and ambulance services, 24 hour helpline and HIV support

Your overall medical cover options

Traditional Medical Aid Plans (R1200pm)

These cover most of your medical expenses and include benefits for hospital, daily expenses and chronic medications. This type of plan is recommended for those who want comprehensive cover, but do not want a savings benefit included in the cover.

Comprehensive Medical Aid Schemes (R2000pm)

Unlike the above plan, this option does have a savings component and also covers almost every other medical expense as well. Recommended for individuals or a family who wants comprehensive cover for every possible risk.

Hospital Plans (R1000pm). This is also part of a medical aid policy and mostly provides cover for hospitalisation with less focus on day to day benefits.

Health insurance* (R250pm) is an insurance policy and is not a medical aid**. This allows you to cover all expenses as well as non-medical expenses as a result of hospitalisation and also includes cover for maternity, dread diseases, accident death and accidental disability.

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